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Releases will soon start to appear for Drupal 8 once stable releases are made.

Release Created Date Description
7.x-4.34 2019-03-13T23:20:32Z

Security Update(s): - wetkit_core 7.x-4.33 - Update Views (views) 7.x-3.21 SA-CONTRIB-2019-034 SA-CONTRIB-2019-035 SA-CONTRIB-2019-036

Feature(s)/Fixe(s): - wetkit_core 7.x-4.33 - Update Devel (devel) 7.x-1.7

7.x-4.33 2019-02-28T02:07:16Z

Security Update(s): - wetkit_breadcrumbs 7.x-4.7 - Update Path Breadcrumbs (path_breadcrumbs) 7.x-3.4 SA-CONTRIB-2019-027 - wetkit_deployment 7.x-4.21 - Update service (services) 7.x-3.23 SA-CONTRIB-2019-026

Feature(s)/Fixe(s): - wetkit_bootstrap 7.x-4.25 - Update Bootstrap (bootstrap) 7.x-3.23 - Update menu-link.func.php Issue #3021341 by markcarver, rschwab: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: # - wetkit_core 7.x-4.32 - Update Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) 7.x-1.15 - Update Panopoly Magic (panopoly_magic) 7.x-1.6

7.x-4.32 2019-02-20T21:31:35Z Feature(s)/Fixe(s):

  • Drupal Core 7.64
  • wetkit_core 7.x-4.31
    • Update Field Collection (field_collection) 7.x-1.0-beta13
    • Update Panopoly Magic (panopoly_magic) 7.x-1.60
    • Update Rules (rules) 7.x-2.12
    • Update Link (link) 7.x-1.6 SA-CONTRIB-2019-020
  • wetkit_webform 7.x-4.17
    • Update Webform (webform) 7.x-4.19
  • wetkit_deployment 7.x-4.20
    • Update Services (services) 7.x-3.21
7.x-4.31 2019-01-16T22:06:23Z

Security Update(s): - Drupal Core 7.62 SA-CORE-2019-001, SA-CORE-2019-002

Feature(s)/Fixes: - wetkit_test 7.x-4.13 - Updates to support newer php versions in CI/travis

7.x-4.30 2019-01-10T01:20:10Z


Security Update(s): - wetkit_core 7.x-4.29 - Password Policy (password_policy) 7.x-1.16

Feature(s)/Fixes: - wetkit_admin 7.x-4.8 - Update Administration Menu (admin_menu) 7.x-3.0-rc6 - wetkit_bean 7.x-4.8 - Update Bean (bean) to 7.x-1.13 - wetkit_bootstrap 7.x-4.24 - Improve php 7.2 support by reducing Warning messages in wetkit_bootstrap_table() (#3018034) - Fix issue with checkboxes being required (#3024122) - wetkit_core 7.x-4.29 - Update Advanced Help (advanced_help) 7.x-1.5 - Update Font Awesome Icons (fontawesome) 7.x-2.9 - Update Link checker (linkchecker) 7.x-1.4 - Update Menu block (menu_block) 7.x-2.8 - Update Panopoly Magic (panopoly_magic) 7.x-1.58 - wetkit_language 7.x-4.15 - Update Internationalization (i18n) 7.x-1.26 - wetkit_migrate 7.x-4.9 - Fix issues with updating bean and bean migrations. - wetkit_wetboew 7.x-4.11 - Update WET-BOEW to 4.0.29 Please note the gcweb will be changing and has a new look/version as documented here. We are planning on keeping the gcweb theme on 4.0.29 and implementing a new gcweb2 theme for 4.0.30 and above. Feel free to contibute here if this is important to you. - wetkit_widgets 7.x-4.14 - Update File Entity (fieldable files) (file_entity) 7.x-2.25 - Update Media (media) 7.x-2.21

7.x-4.29 2018-11-23T00:15:45Z


Feature(s)/Fixes: - Drupal Core 7.61 (#3012857) - wetkit_deployment 7.x-4.19 - Patch deploy_services_client for https (#3013418) - wetkit_bootstrap 7.x-4.22 - Replace name with property attribute for dcterms (#2997301) - Prevent the duplication of classes due to array_merge in wetkit_bootstrap_preprocess_link hook (#?) - Add missing “You are here” heading for breadcrumb section (#3010814) - Fix accessibility issues with checkboxes and radios (#2997892) - Fix accessibility issues with status messages (#3003591) - Fix wetkit_bootstrap section lacks heading validation warning (#2995335) - Update bootstrap to 7.x-3.22 and apply upstream change in #2136095 (#3015475) - wetkit_core 7.x-4.28 - Update features (features) to 7.x-2.11 (#3012857) - Update diff (diff) to 7.x-3.4 (#3012857) - Update libraries (libraries) to 7.x-2.5 (#3012857) - wetkit_test 7.x-4.12 - Update body selector more specific for issue introduced in (#3003591)

7.x-4.28 2018-10-18T00:35:49Z


Security Update(s): - Drupal Core 7.60

Feature(s)/Fixes: - wetkit_wysiwyg 7.x-4.14 - Update markitup to 1.1.15

7.x-4.27 2018-08-22T21:42:24Z


Feature(s)/Fixes: - wetkit_bootstrap 7.x-4.19 - Reference SVG logos with img elements instead of object elements ( - Views exposed filter submit button has empty name attribute casuing error on W3C validation (#2986639) - When tooltips are disabled in wetkit_bootstrap the aria-describedby points to element that does not exist (#2986135) - Managed file upload accessibility problem (#2968478) - Navigation roles on Nav elements causing W3C validation warnings for wetkit_bootstrap (#2986389) - Banner and navigation roles causing W3C validation warnings for wetkit_bootstrap panels (#2980583) - wetkit_core 7.x-4.27 - Collapsible region handle title not translatable (#2986907) - Update uuid to resolve File Deploy appending _.txt to some files (#2992033)

7.x-4.26 2018-07-07T00:48:49Z


Security Update(s): - wetkit_core 7.x-4.25 - Update UUID (uuid) to 7.x-1.1

Feature(s): - wetkit_bootstrap 7.x-4.18 - Fix Empty role attribute on

element on wetkit_bootstrap panels (#2980577) - Fix Banner and navigation roles causing W3C validation warnings for wetkit_bootstrap panels (#2980583) - wetkit_core 7.x-4.26 - Update Hierarchical Select (hierarchical_select) to 7.x-3.0-beta9 - Update Panopoly Magic (panopoly_magic) to 7.x-1.55 - wetkit_ember 7.x-4.6 - Resolve WetKit Ember illegal string offset in Views (PHP 7.1) (#2983436) - wetkit_layouts 7.x-4.8 - Fix W3C Validation Warnings with Pearson Layout (#2980525) - wetkit_og 7.x-4.3 - Update Oragnic Groups (og) to 7.x-2.10 - wetkit_wetboew 7.x-4.9 - Update WET-BOEW to - Please note the base, gc-intranet, gcwu-fegc, and ogpl themes are dropped in 4.0.28. We are including the 4.0.27 versions to support the Drupal implementations we currently have. See this github issue for more details

7.x-4.25 2018-06-19T09:04:05Z



  • wetkit_bootstrap 7.x-4.16
    • Update Bootstrap (bootstrap) 7.x-3.20
  • wetkit_core 7.x-4.23
    • Improve hierarchical_select performance (#2939111)
    • Update Devel (devel) 7.x-1.6
    • Update Panopoly Magic (panopoly_magic) 7.x-1.54
    • Update Link (link) 7.x-1.5
    • Update Rules (rules) 7.x-2.11
    • Update Views Bulk Operations (views_bulk_operations) 7.x-3.5
    • Update Elements (elements) 7.x-1.5
  • wetkit_ember 7.x-4.5
    • Fix WetKit Ember error in Views under PHP 7.17.2 (#2976137)
  • wetkit_language 7.x-4.14
    • Update Internationalization (i18n) 7.x-2.24
    • Update Webform Localization (webform_localization) 7.x-4.14
  • wetkit_layouts 7.x-4.7
    • Fix issue with empty h2 tag in Pearson Layout (#2912204)
  • wetkit_metatag 7.x-4.16
    • Make the removal of canonical metatags a configuration (#2968540)
  • wetkit_migrate 7.x-4.7
    • Update Migrate (migrate) 7.x-2.11
  • wetkit_webform 7.x-4.16
    • Update Webform (webform) 7.x-4.17
  • wetkit_widgets 7.x-4.13
    • Update File Entity (file_entity) 7.x-2.24
7.x-4.24 2018-04-25T22:27:49Z


Security Update(s):

Media 2.19
7.x-4.23 2018-04-25T17:05:44Z

Security Update(s):

Drupal Core 7.59
7.x-4.22 2018-04-20T01:48:46Z Feature(s):

  • wetkit_core contrib updates.:
    • Chaos tool suite (ctools) 7.x-1.14
    • Field Group (field_group) 7.x-1.6
    • Font Awesome Icons (fontawesome) 7.x-2.7
    • Password Policy (password_policy) 7.x-1.15
    • Views (views) 7.x-3.20
    • Views Bootstrap (views_bootstrap) 7.x-3.2
    • Advanced help (advanced_help) 7.x-1.4
    • Panopoly Magic (panopoly_magic) 7.x-1.51
    • Font Awesome Icons (fontawesome) 7.x-2.8
  • wetkit_deployment contrib updates.:
    • Environment Indicator (environment_indicator) 7.x-2.9
  • wetkit_images contrib updates.:
    • Breakpoints (breakpoints) 7.x-1.6
  • wetkit_language contrib updates.:
    • Entity Translation (entity_translation) 7.x-1.0
    • Internationalization (i18n) 7.x-1.22
  • wetkit_metatag contrib updates.:
    • Metatag (metatag) 7.x-1.22
  • wetkit_migrate contrib updates.:
    • Migrate (migrate) 7.x-2.9
  • wetkit_search contrib updates.:
    • Search 404 (search404) 7.x-1.6
  • wetkit_webform contrib updates.:
    • Webform (webform) 7.x-4.16
    • Webform UUID (webform_uuid) 7.x-1.3
  • wetkit_widgets contrib updates.:
    • File Entity (fieldable files) (file_entity) 7.x-2.20
    • Media (media) 7.x-2.18
  • wetkit_wysiwyg contrib updates.:
    • WYSIWYG (wysiwyg) 7.x-2.5
    • CKEditor (library) 4.9.2
7.x-4.21 2018-03-28T19:32:51Z

Security Update(s):

Drupal Core 7.58
7.x-4.20 2018-02-22T16:26:14Z

Security Update(s):

Entity API 1.9
Drupal Core 7.57
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