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Repositories for Drupal WxT

Name Website Description Size
composer-extdeps drupalwxt/composer-extdeps Composer repository for external dependencies on Drupal WxT Size: 17 Bytes drupalwxt/ GH pages for Drupal WxT. Size: 10994 Bytes
helm-drupal drupalwxt/helm-drupal Drupal helm chart for Kubernetes. Size: 659 Bytes
site-wxt drupalwxt/site-wxt The composer project for the Drupal WxT distribution. Size: 864 Bytes
skel drupalwxt/skel Skeleton Install Profile. Size: 138 Bytes
themes-dist drupalwxt/themes-dist Compiled files for Web Experience Toolkit (WET) themes Size: 306020 Bytes
website drupalwxt/website GH pages for Drupal WxT. Size: 129 Bytes
wxt drupalwxt/wxt Drupal 8 variant of the Web Experience Toolkit (WxT). Size: 768 Bytes
wxt-project drupalwxt/wxt-project Project template for Drupal 8 sites built with the WxT distribution. Size: 31 Bytes
wxt_bootstrap drupalwxt/wxt_bootstrap Bootstrap derived sub-theme aligned for use with the Web Experience Toolkit jQuery Framework. Size: 404 Bytes
wxt_library drupalwxt/wxt_library Web Experience Toolkit Framework integration for Drupal. Size: 55 Bytes
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