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Tabbed Interface (D7)

The easiest way to update an existing slideshow is to Edit the Block directly via contextual links. Simply mouse-over the gears widget in the top right corner and then click Edit Block.

To see a list of carousel slideshows you can use the content blocks admin page /admin/content/blocks to filter by type Slideshow and then click Edit.

Create / Edit slideshow

  1. Label: This is the visible name of the slideshow when listed in the blocks admin page.
  2. Title: Not used, leave this empty.
  3. Expand: Pre-existing slides will need to be expanded to be updated.
  4. New Slide: Only first 2 pre-existing slides can be expanded immediately, click on New Slide to see other pre-existing slides.
  5. Add another item: Creates one empty slide at the bottom of the list, and also expands all the existing slides above.
  6. Plugin settings: Options for the slideshow to auto-play or not, animation and cycle speeds regular/fast/slow, and tabs style for the buttons and layout of the block.
  7. Image style: Various styles that will change how the image is rendered.

Create / Edit slides

  1. Slide image: Browse to the media library to select the image, or click Edit to modify the already selected image. (See Media Library image guidance)
  2. Headline: When slides are collapsed in Slideshow edit mode this is the visible text beside the image icon
  3. Title: This is the clickable text the public sees under the slide image
  4. URL: This is the link that combines with Title under the slide image. Use the OG format [site:url]/slide-target-page-name, do not use Linkit UUID values
  5. WYSIWYG: Use this to add more text under the slide image, styling options will work as well. (See WYSIWYG guidance)
  6. Re-order slides: To change the order of the slides, left-click, hold and drag the four arrow icon.
  7. Saving changes: Click on the Save button (bottom left) to save changes to the slideshow options, the slide(s) image / title / URL, or the order of the slides.
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