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    Important Expect security releases to appear here within 24 hours of being reported upstream. Release Created Date Description 3.0.4 2019-12-01T20:25:59Z Features/Updates: Essentially the same as v3.0.3 Fix missing update to WxT dependencies for legacy packaging (drush make) Upgrade path: Update your codebase: composer update Run database updates: drush cache:rebuild drush updatedb Run Lightning configuration updates: drush cache:rebuild drush update:lightning Run WxT configuration updates:

    Repositories for Drupal WxT

    Name Website Description Size composer-extdeps drupalwxt/composer-extdeps Composer repository for external dependencies on Drupal WxT Size: 17 Bytes drupalwxt/ GH pages for Drupal WxT. Size: 11067 Bytes helm-drupal drupalwxt/helm-drupal Drupal helm chart for Kubernetes. Size: 2292 Bytes site-wxt drupalwxt/site-wxt The composer project for the Drupal WxT distribution. Size: 1317 Bytes terraform-kubernetes-drupalwxt drupalwxt/terraform-kubernetes-drupalwxt Terraform module for Drupal WxT Size: 20 Bytes website drupalwxt/website GH pages for Drupal WxT.


    Vision Statement The Drupal WxT distribution is a web content management system which assists in building and maintaining innovative Web sites that are accessible, usable, and interoperable. The primary goal of Drupal WxT is to provide an enterprise level platform that can assist governments and larger organizations in disseminating data. Mandatory Features There are a lot of features inherently provided by Drupal WxT. However there are a few that have been designated as mandatory to support and as such have shaped the architecture of the distribution.