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    Working Examples (D7)

    Below we highlight the work done on getting the various WxT components / plugins and themes / styles leveraged properly in Drupal. Levels of integration with Drupal will vary as some of the plugins can simply be leveraged by calling a class in markup. Where possible we will try to make a distinction on how each functionality can be used. Note: This list does not represent the full capabilities of the Drupal WxT platform merely the WxT components it integrates with.

    Coding Standards

    Background Drupal WxT complies with the Drupal Coding Standards and runs automated tests on ever commit that gets merged into the working directory. PHP CodeSniffer is executed on our phpcs.xml file which is only slightly different then the one which resides in Drupal core. PHPCS The following is the literal commands being executed in our continuous integration builds under Travis CI. ./docker/bin/phpcs --standard=/var/www/html/core/phpcs.xml \ --extensions=php,module,inc,install,test,profile,theme \ --report=full \ --colors \ --ignore=/var/www/html/profiles/wxt/modules/custom/wxt_test \ --ignore=/var/www/html/modules/custom/wxt_library \ --ignore=*.

    Module Selection for Drupal WxT

    Background This WxT installation profile directly extends from the Lightning Framework created by Acquia to provide developers with a powerful base toolchain upon which to extend. Due to this strict dependency we also align much of our workflow with the best practice established patterns Acquia has provided. Lightning We chose Lightning because of it being the best standard for enterprise authoring in Drupal tightly focused on the user experience in four key functional areas.

    Theme Workflow

    Sub-themes are just like any other theme, with one difference: They inherit the parent theme’s resources. There are no limits on the chaining capabilities connecting sub-themes for their parents. A sub-theme can be a child of another sub-theme, and it can be branched and organized however you see fit. Background Drupal WxT includes WxT Bootstrap which is a a modern, component based and accessible sub-theme powered by the Bootstrap base theme.


    Important Expect security releases to appear here within 24 hours of being reported upstream. HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc000877400-1-HBHB

    Repositories for Drupal WxT

    Name Website Description Size composer-extdeps drupalwxt/composer-extdeps Composer repository for external dependencies on Drupal WxT Size: 17 Bytes drupalwxt/ GH pages for Drupal WxT. Size: 10994 Bytes helm-drupal drupalwxt/helm-drupal Drupal helm chart for Kubernetes. Size: 659 Bytes site-wxt drupalwxt/site-wxt The composer project for the Drupal WxT distribution. Size: 864 Bytes skel drupalwxt/skel Skeleton Install Profile. Size: 138 Bytes themes-dist drupalwxt/themes-dist Compiled files for Web Experience Toolkit (WET) themes Size: 306020 Bytes website drupalwxt/website GH pages for Drupal WxT.

    Composer workflow for Drupal 8

    Note: The following guide is largely meant for Drupal 8 WxT installations. Overview WxT strictly adheres to a Composer-based workflow and tries to follow the best practices laid out by the broader Drupal community. For more information on the benefits of this workflow please consult the official documentation provided in the link below: Using composer to manage Drupal Composer also helps facilitate a more security oriented approach whether packaging or deploying a site.

    Resources for WxT

    This page simply provides all the relevant WxT related links in a logical fashion. Composer Project Generator Composer template for WxT projects Instantiated Composer Projects (WxT) WxT Open Data Installation Profiles WxT Open Data subprofile Skel skeleton Contributed WxT Projects (no profile dependency) WxT Bootstrap WxT Library

    Media Library - Images, Videos and Documents (D7)

    Library Basics a) To access the library from the admin menu click on Content and then Files /en/admin/content/file, or you can also click the Add Media button in the WYSIWYG to access the library b) Avoid creating unnecessary duplicates. Whenever possible re-use the images, videos and documents that have already been uploaded to the library. Browsing the Library a) Using the file admin page /en/admin/content/file you can search by Name, Type of multimedia, and User who uploaded the file.


    Important Releases will soon start to appear for Drupal 8 once stable releases are made. Release Created Date Description 2.2.18 2019-04-24T20:38:23Z Security update: * Update Drupal Core to 8.6.15 * SA-CORE-2019-005 * SA-CORE-2019-006 Features/Updates: - Update Drupal Core to 8.6.15 - Update Lightning to 3.2.8 - Update entityqueue to 1.0-beta2 - Update migrate_plus to 4.2 Upgrade path: Update your codebase: composer update Run database updates: