Release Process

Select a version number

WxT releases are numbered using a form of semantic versioning. More information can be found in our Versioning page.


In general, when preparing a release: increment the FEATURE when Drupal Core has a major release (ie. 9.5.x to 10.0.x) otherwise simply increment the SPRINT number.

Create an issue on

Create an issue in the Drupal WxT project on GitHub for release tracking, title it Release x.x.x (where x.x.x is the incremented version number).

This issue should contain the following checklist as well as any other related steps or information regarding preparing the release.

See the [full release documentation]( for more detail.

- [ ] All related projects (wxt_library and wxt_bootstrap) tagged and released on and
- [ ] Version number selected
- [ ] updated
- [ ] composer.json updated
- [ ] Run for hook_updates and wxt contrib
- [ ] CI build passes
- [ ] Releases tagged and pushed to and
- [ ] WxT released on (
- [ ] Add changelog information to published tag once CI is done

Update changelog

Ensure the changelog contains an entry for the release and is updated as issues and changes are resolved (in the next steps or when committing code / changes).

Review dependent wxt modules

  1. Review contrib modules in composer.json (or in a site install; extend->update) and update as necessary.
  2. If necessary, tag wxt_library and update wxt’s composer.json file
  3. If necessary, tag wxt_bootstrap and update wxt’s composer.json file

All projects must be released on (and github).

Note: Changes to composer.json file (specifically dev dependencies and repositories) should be mentioned in the CHANGELOG. version does not currently support semantic versioning. Instead, the version number on is 10.x-X.YZZ, where:

  • X = MAJOR
  • ZZ = SPRINT (two digits - add leading zero for < 10)

Check composer.json

If the wxt dependent modules are updated, we need to reflect this in wxt composer.json and the CHANGELOG.

  • git clone
  • Confirm or update that it’s using appropriate tags of wxt_library + wxt_bootstrap (composer.json)
  • Push to and repositories any changes
  • Ensure GitHub Actions build passes

Tag WxT and



  1. Go to Tags page
  2. Click … and select create release on the tag
  3. Enter the version number in the release title
  4. Copy the changelog entry for this release into the release notes
  5. Click publish release

The builds on are incomplete as they don’t fully support Composer yet which is why we host a tarball on GitHub for those not using Composer.

  1. Drupal WxT Release Page
  2. Select the tag
  3. Copy/paste the following blurb into the release notes:

See the <a href=""></a> file.