Drupal WxT

The Drupal WxT distribution is a web content management system which assists in building and maintaining multilingual web sites that are accessible, usable, and interoperable.

This distribution complies with the mandatory requirement to implement the Content and Information Architecture (C&IA) Specification as well as consulting the reference implementation and design patterns provided by the Canada.ca design system.

This is accomplished through our integration and use of the components provided by the Web Experience Toolkit which undergoes routine usability testing as well as provides conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG 2.0) and complies to the standards on Web Accessibility, Web Usability, and Web Interoperability.

Drupal WxT is open source software (FOSS) led by the Government of Canada and free for use by departments, agencies and other external web communities.

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Drupal WxT Latest News

Apr 14

Drupal WxT v5.2.2 release using Drupal Core 10.1.x

Feb 19

Drupal WxT v5.2.1 release using Drupal Core 10.0.x

Jan 18

Drupal WxT v5.2.0 release using Drupal Core 10.2.x

Dec 18

Drupal WxT v5.1.0 release using Drupal Core 10.1.x