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Drupal WxT

Working Examples (D7)

Below we highlight the work done on getting the various WxT components / plugins and themes / styles leveraged properly in Drupal. Levels of integration with Drupal will vary as some of the plugins can simply be leveraged by calling a class in markup. Where possible we will try to make a distinction on how each functionality can be used. Note: This list does not represent the full capabilities of the Drupal WxT platform merely the WxT components it integrates with.

Media Library - Images, Videos and Documents (D7)

Library Basics a) To access the library from the admin menu click on Content and then Files /en/admin/content/file, or you can also click the Add Media button in the WYSIWYG to access the library b) Avoid creating unnecessary duplicates. Whenever possible re-use the images, videos and documents that have already been uploaded to the library. Browsing the Library a) Using the file admin page /en/admin/content/file you can search by Name, Type of multimedia, and User who uploaded the file.


Important Releases will soon start to appear for Drupal 8 once stable releases are made. Release Created Date Description

Content Moderation

Web editors have diverse knowledge as well as different levels of HTML coding, web publishing guidelines, accessibility requirements, and experience with validation tools. Only more senior editors should be able to validate and modify HTML as well as have the publishing rights to push content updates to the live server. HTML Coding In the WYSIWYG editor. Click the Source button on, off and on again for the WYSIWYG HTML auto-cleanup.

Makefiles for Drupal WxT (D7)

Important These instructions are only valid for Drupal 7. For Drupal 8 workflow please consult the Workflow for Drupal 8 Drush make turns a makefile into a working Drupal codebase. Below you can see all of the associated makefiles Drupal WxT leverages to built out its codebase and adhere to continuous deployment principles. For more information please consult: Drush Make Distro Makefiles api = 2 core = 7.

Tabbed Interface (D7)

The easiest way to update an existing slideshow is to Edit the Block directly via contextual links. Simply mouse-over the gears widget in the top right corner and then click Edit Block. To see a list of carousel slideshows you can use the content blocks admin page /admin/content/blocks to filter by type Slideshow and then click Edit. Create / Edit slideshow Label: This is the visible name of the slideshow when listed in the blocks admin page.