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Sub Installation Profile

WxT sub installation profiles

WxT like its base framework Lightning includes the ability to create sub-profiles that are based on the default WxT distribution profile. Making a sub-profile allows you to customize the installation process to meet one or more of your specific needs while retaining / customizing the WxT defaults.

If any of the following statements are true, then you should consider creating a sub-profile of WxT:

  • Ability to prevent / override some (sub)component of WxT from being installed
  • Ability to enable additional modules, themes, or configuration during install
  • Ability customize the look and feel of the installation process
  • Ability to build a distribution that offloads the Web Experience Toolkit theme(s) / plugins and related libraries to WxT

Note: If all you require is to just work with WxT and add additional modules post installation.


The Open Data repository listed below is a good example of a sub installation profile of WxT gaining all of its + Lightning’s respective functionality as an immediate benefit.


Hopefully soon the WxT composer project template generator will incorporate support for generating sub installation profiles. Until that time the following skeleton repo is provided:

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